How Steel Recycling Works

How Steel Recycling Works

Steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the world for construction, the automotive industry, and in aerospace applications. Steel is incredibly strong, resilient, and flexible, and it is easy to recycle.

The Benefits of Recycling Steel

Steel recycling creates value for the environment and the economy. Every tonne of steel that is recycled saves over a tonne of iron ore, 700 kg of coal, and 60 kg of limestone. This remarkable metal can go through the recycling process over and over again, and retain almost all of its strength and performance. Because of this, recycled steel can be used to manufacture car parts, tin cans, construction materials, and more, making industry more sustainable and more efficient. It’s estimated that around 60% of the steel in use today is recycled.

Scrap metal filings for recycling

The Process

Separating steel from other recyclable materials is surprisingly easy – all that is required is large, mobile magnets. These may be magnetic belts or large magnets manoeuvred from cranes. Either way magnets are a quick and easy way to pick out steel while leaving everything else behind.

Once the steel has been separated, it takes just a few steps to get it ready for reuse.

Steel Recycling with Denron

Denron Metals helps you take advantage of steel recycling by offering scrap metal collection bins, scrap metal pick-up in Adelaide, and a range of recycling services. We also pay attractive scrap metal prices, so you can make a buck, clear out your home or site, and help the environments.

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