How to Capitalise on PVC Copper Waste

How to Capitalise on PVC Copper Waste

Eye-catching and instantly identifiable thanks to its golden-orange sheen, copper is something of a wonder-metal. Famed for its super-conductive properties, along with its high temperature resistance, tensile strength, and resistance to deformation and corrosion, copper is used across all commercial industries. Additionally it has a number of private sector uses. The demand for copper is so high that theft of copper wiring and pipes continues to be a problem. To this day copper remains one of the world’s most recycled metals. Due to its extremely high levels of corrosion-resistance the price for recycled copper is nearly as high as raw copper ore. If you are lucky enough to be in a position where you have a substantial amount of copper in your possession then it may prove to be financially lucrative.

A collection of copper and other metals for recycling

Where to Find Copper

Once it has been processed from its raw form copper is then used for a variety of purposes. Everything from microchips through to architecture use copper in varying amounts. In regular society though, copper is most commonly found in and around the home. Thanks to its high resistance to rust and corrosion, copper is commonly used in domestic gas and water piping systems. Copper is also used in just about every form of wiring thanks to its super-conductive nature. Depending on your home, you may have sheet copper roofing. When used in architecture copper is left in its natural form, which takes on a bluish-green colour. While houses generally don’t have an entirely copper roof some are known to use copper decoratively along gutters or window ledges.

What is PVC Copper Wiring?

PVC copper wiring is metal wiring that is insulated with PVC or polyvinyl chloride. When appropriate, this type of wiring can be one of your main sources of extra income. You just need to unsure that it is no longer in use, that you are allowed to take it and that it is free from an aluminium coating or armoured shieling.

Why Should You Recycle Copper?

If you have scrap copper in your possession don’t just treat it like regular scrap metal. Be sure to separate any and all copper scraps, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, for return to a scrap metal recycling centre. Thanks to its durability and high corrosion resistance scrap copper is nearly as valuable as newly manufactured copper. Even the smallest scraps can be collected and remelted into a useable form, depending on the industry in which they are going to be used.

By recycling copper you are contributing to the saving of raw materials and resources that otherwise would go into refining the copper ore. Additionally, you are preventing further pollution from occurring from copper that has been discarded in the environment.

Based on all of the benefits behind copper recycling this may seem like something that you should jump right in to. Needless to say you shouldn’t start ripping piping and wiring out of the walls just yet. Instead wait until you are having an appliance, electrical or water system replaced. When you do educate yourself on what copper looks like and separate it from the rest of the scrap metal .If you have scrap metal, why not get some cash for it? Call (08) 8352 8772 for get a fast quote today.