How to Profit from Scrap Metals During Spring Cleaning

How to Profit from Scrap Metals During Spring Cleaning

As the chill of another South Australian winter starts to lift, take advantage of that new spring energy to get your house in order – and make a few dollars in the process.

Spring cleaning is a great time to really scour your house, both for junk to get rid of and for valuable items you can sell at a profit. We’ve put together 3 promising ways to earn a little back on all your hard work.

Couple spring cleaning for scrap metal and other junk to sell

Sell Quality Items Online

Once you’ve determined which clothes and other goods you no longer want, look for quality items that might have a good resale value. Designer or name-brand clothing, shoes, handbags in like-new condition and children’s clothing without holes or stains can be sold at a number of online stores. Electronics and toys can also fetch a high price, as well as older or more obscure items with value for collectors.

If you’re web savvy, selling online can be fast and convenient. You don’t need to worry about taking your items to a physical store or negotiating with picky pawn shop owners. Having said that, it can be difficult to determine the value of what you’re trying to sell online and you will probably also need to take care of postage and handling yourself.

Scrap It

When you’re cleaning your home and garage, take the time to sort through any old wires, tools, machinery, and appliances that you have. While you do, keep an eye out for salvageable metals such as aluminium, copper, stainless steel or bronze, as well as unwanted fridges, washing machines, and even computers. To maximise your return on scrap metal, separate out and clean the valuable metals. The closer you can get them to ‘pure’ metal, the more money they are likely to make you.

If you find that you have a lot of metal, talk to a trusted scrap metal company. Many companies will send a collection bin to your property. That way, you can fill it up as you go and have it all collected when you’re ready.

Host a Yard Sale

Yard or garage sales are a great way to get rid of large quantities of unwanted items that are too good to donate or throw away. You’ll need a good location, some signage, and lots of small notes and change. Yard sales tend to draw more traffic if multiple families are involved or if you can schedule the date to coincide with a local festival or neighbourhood yard sale. Another way to boost profits is to sell baked goods at your sale.

While you shouldn’t expect to get rich from a yard sale, a few hours of work can generate several hundred dollars of spring savings. You also won’t need to worry about navigating an online environment or taking care of postage. Just pull out some tables, invite the neighbours around and start making money.

Get in Touch

If you come across some scrap metal during spring cleaning, get in touch with Denron Metals to find out what it’s worth. Call us on (08) 8352 8772 or get a fast quote online.