Opportunities For Scrap Metal Recycling

Opportunities For Scrap Metal Recycling

Thanks to the number of applications that it can be used for, scrap metal recycling can be a potentially lucrative endeavour to get involved in. The hardiness and reliability of scrap metal, no matter the type, means that the demand for it has never truly waned. The major advantage of scrap metal is that it requires no additional raw materials to produce it and can be easily reshaped and made to fit multiple forms. If found in large enough amounts, collecting scrap metal can net people in a lot of additional money.

Knowing that recycling scrap metal can earn you some additional finances is not the whole story, you still have to know where to find scrap metal. While the most easily accessible forms of scrap metal can be found around the house it doesn’t make any sense to remove the metal from items and systems that are currently in use. However there are several opportunities that can come up that you can use to salvage and recycle scrap metal. 

Exposed piping

Spring Cleaning/Hard Rubbish Collection

Without a thorough room-to-room cleaning of your home on a regular basis you will build up large amounts of possessions that may have the habit of becoming outdated with the development of newer and better models. When discarding of appliances or other forms of hard rubbish you should take the opportunity to separate all metals from them before disposal.


When your home is undergoing remodelling or renovation work there is bound to be large amounts of refuse and materials that are no longer in need of use. Items and systems such as pipes, wiring, and screws present an opportunity to recycle scrap metal that is too good to ignore. When conducting your renovation also keep a close eye on appliances that are no longer in use. It is important that you take care when salvaging these metals as your home may contain harmful elements such as asbestos. If detected during renovation, materials like asbestos will need to be safely disposed of separately.

Deceased Estates

 The loss of a loved one is a harrowing and terrible event in anyone’s life. Often involved with the settling of the deceased’s accounts and related activities is clearing out their home. While there may be a few sentimental items that are saved, the majority of the items in the home will be discarded of. When going through the home take the time to analyse any metals of value, such as fittings or appliances, and be sure to recycle them. Take care not to remove any systems such as pipes or wiring if you are planning to sell or inhabit the home.

These situations represent only a few events where you can easily access scrap metal. Be aware of the legality of removing metal for scrapping purposes; if you are unsure of whether or not the metal you are removing is yours always find out of this is the case. Only remove piping for water and gas once these systems have been shut down and disconnected.

Have you had the opportunity to salvage scrap metal? Let us know about your experiences below. If you’re looking to get some cash for your scrap metal, call (08) 8352 8772 for get a fast quote today.