Recycling Iron Products – 4 Household Items You Can Trade for Cash

Recycling Iron Products – 4 Household Items You Can Trade for Cash

Renowned for its durability and heat-resistant capabilities, you can find products that are made using iron all around your home. While they sometimes might be hidden, rest assured that old iron components are almost ubiquitous. If you are in the process of a thorough spring clean or are renovating, it pays to pause and consider if any of the appliances or products you are disposing of contain significant amounts of iron. If they do you may be able to receive a tidy sum from a scrap metal recycling centre. To assist you in your search here are a few household items known to contain amounts of iron that will net you some cash.
An old stovetop, containing metal components

1. Window Frames

As a common household feature, window frames are primarily known for two things; they’re ability to let natural light into your home and their substantial amount of iron content. The iron in window frames is used to keep windows securely in place during high winds. The durable nature of iron prevents them from succumbing to the elements, especially if painted over with weather-resistant paint.

2. Stoves

Hidden beneath a layer of white enamel, all it takes is a tiny scratch to reveal the stove’s true iron nature. Thanks to iron’s heat resistance it is used as the primary component of stove tops. If you are having your stove (and oven) replaced then be sure to remove all iron elements before it is disposed of.

3. Pots and Pans

Essential cooking tools in any kitchen, cast iron pots and pans are adept at maintaining their shape under the intense heat of direct flames. While the iron component is durable the rest of the utensils are not. Handles and non-stick surfaces are known to take damage from burns and carbonisation after extended periods of use. When inevitably replacing your pots and pans don’t just throw them out because it is convenient to do so, get some money for them.

4. Bed Frames and Railings

Again another easily overlooked iron, old bed frames can be a ticket to some extra money. Much like stove tops, these elements are hidden beneath a layer or two of decorative paint. Simply scratching beneath the surface will reveal the treasure hidden within. It is important that you salvage the metal AFTER you have purchased a new bed frame though, otherwise you will be sleeping on the couch.

There are a number of other items to be found around your home that contain iron. While this blog only scratched the surface it provides a valuable lesson – you shouldn’t just throw out every item in your home once it has outlived its use. Take the time to analyse what raw materials can be harvested for a profit.