Scrap Your Computer for Cash in 9 Easy Steps

Scrap Your Computer for Cash in 9 Easy Steps

If you have old desktop computers or vintage computer parts you don’t want any more, don’t just throw them out. Recycling your e-waste is better for the environment and can also make you some money.

Taking Apart Your Computer

Here are the basic steps to successfully disassemble and sell your desktop computer for scrap.

1. Make Preparations

Before you start disassembling a computer do a little preparation. Nothing major, just make sure you have a few containers to sort different parts and make sure you don’t lose small components.

2. Remove the Casing and Screws

Next, find the screws holding the outer casing of the computer tower in place. Carefully remove them and pop them in a container, then take off the casing. This case is usually suitable for aluminium recycling.

Once the case is off you can also remove the screws holding in the power supply, disk drives, and other components.

3. Take the Copper Wiring

Before you start actually removing the units from your computer, cut away the wiring from the power supply, disc drives, and so on. Copper recycling is one of the most common ways to make money from scrap, and the wires in your computer are insulated copper.

4. Remove the Power Supply and Drives

Once the wires are out you can remove other parts. These include fans, the power supply, CD-Rom drive, floppy disk drive, and hard drive. The drives should be put in one container, and the hard drive and power supply in another.

5. Take out the Motherboard

Removing the motherboard is the next step. Your computer’s motherboard will be located under all the stuff you just removed, screwed to the inner casing of the desktop.

6. Remove RAM Boards

Once the motherboard is out, look for two or more skinny boards standing on the motherboard. These are the RAM boards. They’re held down to the motherboard by latches, which you can easily lift to remove them.

7. Find the AL Heat Sinks

There will also be two or three AL heat sinks on the motherboard that. The heat sinks look like silver grills standing upright on the board and can be taken off with a release latch or unscrewed.

8. Find the CPU Chip

The last thing you should remove from the motherboard is the CPU chip. This is a small square board attached to the motherboard with a latch you can undo. You’ll find the CPU chip hiding behind a heat sink hidden behind a fan.

9. Sell Your Scrap

Now you’re ready to sell your e-waste scrap. The simplest way is to find a reputable, environmentally friendly company who will give you fair scrap metal prices. If you have some particularly rare parts that may be valuable to collectors or vintage computer enthusiasts you could also try getting a higher price selling them through Gumtree, eBay, or other sites.

Why Denron?

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