Trucks for Scrap Metal Pick-Up Adelaide

Many people are able to deliver their scrap metal directly to us, but not everyone has the ability to. If you lack the manpower, equipment, or resources to transport your Adelaide scrap metal yourself, our professional team can help with a range of trucks for transporting scrap.


An Experienced Team

We have experience with everything from industrial and factory cleanups, to residential pick-up and helping clear deceased estates. Whatever your site and your needs from a factory to a farm to a building site, we have the team and the trucks to help. We can’t do demolitions ourselves but if it’s already loose we can pick it up, whether it’s machinery, appliances or scrap metal, in Adelaide or regional South Australia.

Our Trucks

We have a variety of trucks in our fleet for scrap metal pick-up in Adelaide. This saves you the extra cost and trouble of contracting a truck yourself. As well as trucks to drop off and pick up our collection bins, we have:


Tilt tray trucks

Our fleet includes tilt tray trucks with hydraulic truck beds that can be raised and lowered. These are ideal for scrap metal pick-up that involves cars, tractors, or other wheeled machinery that can be recycled for parts or various metals.


Flat Bed Trucks

Our range of flat bed trucks with load capacities varying from 8 to 22 tonnes give us flexibility to meet your needs. These trucks are good if you have scrap metal in Adelaide that is in collection bins or for large single pieces like cages, fencing, or appliances.


Trucks with Cranes

Among our trucks we also have some with cranes attached. These are great for industrial or factory clean ups where you may have to remove heavy, difficult to handle machinery.


Find out More

If you want to learn more about our trucks for scrap metal pick-up in Adelaide, or to discuss whether they would be suitable for your needs contact us on (08) 8352 8772 or enquire online.