Ways Metal Recycling Helps You and the Environment

Ways Metal Recycling Helps You and the Environment

There are so many reasons to recycle metal rather than wasting it. It can often seem much easier to throw away your unwanted cans, cartons and paper products rather than recycling them; but if you understood the benefits that recycling these items can provide you may think differently. At Denron Metals, we are big believers in steel recycling – here are the five most important reasons why.

More Resources for the Future

One of the main reasons for you to recycle is because by recycling you can help preserve resources. Not only will you be aiding in the reduction of natural resources that are being used but you will also use fewer resources within your home. If you recycle more you will inevitably use less bin bags and so in a small way you will be helping yourself whilst also helping the environment. For example, aluminium recycling is so efficient it has allowed around 75% of all aluminium ever produced to remain in use today.

Recycling symbol made up of different metals

Fighting Climate Change

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, and carbon emissions are a major contributor. When you recycle you aid in the reduction of carbon emissions, which will reduce the severity of future climate change. Although we can’t yet undo the damage we have done to the atmosphere we can limit further damage from being done by recycling more and wasting less.

Managing Energy Consumption

By recycling more metal you can lessen the demand for natural resources like iron ore. It also takes far less energy to process recycled metal than it does to mine ore, purify it and then shape it. If we recycled all of our metal we could save up to 92% of the energy that we currently use in regards to aluminium, 90% of the energy that we use for copper, and 56% of the energy that we waste on mining and creating steel.

Reducing Harmful Landfill

Reducing the amount of waste ending up in landfill is one of the most important roles of recycling. Material in landfill sites is often full of toxins – including old computers and refrigerators, which Denron Metals can recycle – that can end up in the environment. Water can leach through rubbish and into soil and rivers, contaminating them for years.

Price Adjustments

One of the best reasons for you to recycle your metal is because in the end you could save money by doing so. If the majority of people recycled their metal on a regular basis the reduction in the cost of production for metal items could well lead to a reduction in their cost for you, the consumer.

Get Recycling

Recycling metal is easier than you think. You can recycle a wide range of items including cans, old bikes, and refrigerators. Even old pots and pans can be reused through cast iron recycling. Not only that, but if you have scrap metal in Adelaide, Denron Metals provides collection bins and pickup trucks to help you get it to our site.

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