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Recycling makes a positive difference to the environment and doing your little bit really does add up. Here are some eye-opening facts:

  1. Aluminium was discovered in 1825.
    It is the most abundant metal available on earth and highly recyclable. About two thirds of all the aluminium that has ever been produced is still in circulation.
  2. Recycling just one aluminium CAN, saves a lot of energy.
    The energy saved could be used to continuously run a 100-watt light bulb for around 20 hours, a television for two hours and a computer for three hours.
  3. Steel is the world’s most recycled material.
    It can be recycled infinitely without deteriorating. Recycling steel consumes around 60% less energy than it takes to manufacture virgin steel from iron ore. It is believed that almost every steel product on the market contains at least some recycled steel.
  4. It takes between 200 and 500 years for an aluminium beer can to decompose.
    Australia recycles about 3 billion aluminium cans every year. Which is about 70% of cans consumed, making us the 5th best in the world for recycling.
  5. Australians waste a lot of steel
    It is estimated that every year, Australians send enough steel to landfill to make 50,000 fridges. Steel cans, cars, and old appliances are some of the most common things we throw away.
  6. 98% of a car battery is recyclable.
    But only 2% of car batteries in Australia are recycled. Once batteries are sent to landfill, they release pollutants which threaten both the environment and human health.
  7. It takes just 60 days to put a recycled aluminium can back on the shelf
    Aluminium cans are part of closed loop recycling where the recycled product is turned into the same thing once again. It takes just two months for the metal to be recycled, repurposed, and placed back on the supermarket shelf.
  8. Is recycled steel as strong as new steel?
    Steel is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled any number of times without loss of quality. It is one of the only materials that does not lose its properties when recycled.

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