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What factors affect scrap metal prices?

If you’re serious about scrap metal recycling and saving the planet, the more informed you are the better. Here is a list of key factors that determine the prices of scrap metal. 

Quality of scrap metal

If your scrap metal is regarded as high-quality, it can have a higher selling price in the market. But if you are selling scrap metal that is affected by corrosion or tangled in insulation or building materials, then it will have a lower price. The buyer has to remove the insulation and other materials and clean it before it can go into the recycling process. This adds to the cost and reduces the selling price. So, if you want the highest price, it’s best to clean it first.

Supply and demand

It’s like the housing market. If there is a big supply of scrap metal, the price drops but if there is a small supply, then the price rises. It’s best to speak to your recycler and see where the market is at. That why you can sell at the peak and earn more money for your scrap metal.  

Time to Year

Time to market is playing a significant role in predicting the scrap metal prices. Different times of the year can greatly impact the scrap metal prices. Again, speak to your recycler and find out when is the best time of the year to sell. If you are prepared to wait, you may get more money for your scrap metal. 

Denron are your trusted scrap metal recyclers 

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